We help you find the underlying causes of you health concerns,
rather than merely continuing to address the symptoms.

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With the development of ZYTO biocommunication, it is easy to identify your body’s biological
preference for things relating to your health. Your first step to getting more out of life may
be as close as a ZYTO biocommunication scan.

1 – Insight into your health.
Reports from your ZYTO scan provide you with information that may help identify your individual
needs such as nutritional support, appropriate homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, minerals or clinical

Identifying items to which you have an unusual response gives you and your health care provider
insight about health-related issues that may be keeping you from functioning at a balanced

2 – Identify your biological preference for nutrition.
Does one size fit all when it comes to nutritional support?  Of course not! ZYTO scans identify
your body’s unique positive biological preferences. Knowing your biological preferences helps you
and your health care provider choose the nutritional supplements that will support your
individual health needs.

3 – Save Money.
There are a lot of good nutritional supplements but you probably don’t need them all.  Knowing
your biological preferences helps you choose products that are right for you.  Choosing well
means your investment in supplements is more likely to pay off, providing you the benefits you
need and saving money on things you don’t need.

4 – Increase Energy.
Your body consumes energy in its effort to maintain a healthy balance. When your body uses
this energy to deal with life’s extra challenges, like fighting a cold, you will have less energy to
perform your day-to-day physical activities.  ZYTO helps you identify the additional support your
body may need to maintain balance and keep your energy levels high. By providing your body
extra help when it’s needed, you’re more likely to address issues while they are small, leaving
you with more energy to enjoy life.

5 – Track your Health.
ZYTO biocommunication scans give you information ‘in the moment.’ Tracking your scans over
time can be beneficial, allowing you to identify trends or long term issues that you will want to
pay particular attention to. Keeping track of your past can help you predict the future, and
reviewing your past ZYTO reports gives you essentially a look back through time.

6 – Verbal Communication has limitations.
Have you ever asked a sick toddler or a child with autism how they are feeling? Even for adults,
using words to explain how you feel can be a challenge. Biocommunication opens up an entirely
new communication channel with your body. By supplementing verbal communication with ZYTO
biocommunication, a second perspective is established that can provide helpful insights and
information about your health.

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