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Alternative Therapies

The Benefit of Acupuncture
When most people think of acupuncture, they think of the use of tiny needles all over the body. Using needles is only one
technique in the ancient Chinese principal of acupuncture that uses certain techniques to stimulate points on the body to treat
certain symptoms. Our bodies are equipped with a healing energy or chi that flows over pathways or (meridians) in the body.
Stress or other hindering factors can lead to blockages in these meridians. Acupuncture is used to stimulate these points and
re- establish the proper flow of chi. By using small needles as most acupuncturists do, it will create a current of energy which
stimulates the point in about 20-30 minutes.
Moxibustion is another from of acupuncture that uses a burning herb called moxa to stimulate the point. Other techniques
include cupping which is placing a warm cup over the point to create a vacuum as it cools, or acupressure that simply massages
the points. In more modern forms of acupuncture, electrical stimulation, the form used in our office, has been added. This form
uses an extremely low current of electricity to stimulate the points much like a needle in only a few seconds. The electric current
is so low, most people don't even feel it.

When used with other treatment forms such as chiropractic and massage, acupuncture can help with a number of symptoms
such as, allergies, depression, headaches, pain management, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, insomnia, just to name a

Massage is More Than a Luxury
Massage therapy is often thought of as a simple luxury we may go down to the spa for every now and then to relax. While
massages are relaxing, they are so much more than a luxury. Massage therapy is a vital key in reaching ultimate health.
Painful, hard muscles that are created by tight muscles is a serious chronic condition that unfortunately has become very
common. These tight muscles become "sick" which in turn affects the circulatory, skeletal and endocrine systems of the body.
Tight muscles also put added pressure on the tendons which then become unhealthy and prone to tendonitis. As more tight
muscles in our body give in to permanent contraction, they begin to age rapidly. Muscle spasms and tightness reduce the
body's vitality and ability to move freely causing disc compression in our spine that affects the blood circulation in the veins and
allows toxins to collect. This vicious cycle traps the nerves and causes an array of symptoms to appear such as degenerative
disc disease, TMJ, sinusitis, back pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, knee injuries, or headaches just to name a few.
By massaging these muscles and releasing the tension in the tight sick muscles, this process can be reversed. Recent studies
are also showing that babies can benefit from massage as well. It has been shown to reduce stress in pre-term babies and
improve the weight gain they need to survive. In full term babies, massage can help relieve colic, gas and constipation, improve
sleep, regulate their digestive and respiratory systems as well as stimulate the circulatory and nervous system.

There are several different types of massage. The types used most often in our office are Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, and
reflexology. Swedish massage uses different styles of long, smooth strokes to the muscles. Hot stones are used to relax the
muscle and increase the benefit of the massage. Deep tissue uses a stronger pressure to the points to get deep in the muscle.
Reflexology is a technique that is applied to the feet to benefit several different areas of the body.

Understanding Homeopathy
Started back in the late 18th century, homeopathy is a Wholistic system of treatment that is often used in the alternative
health care field. Homeopathy comes form the Greek word meaning "like the disease". Modern medicine is known as allopathy
meaning "different from the disease" describing the use of medication to counteract the symptoms of the disease. Homeopathy
is a form of treatment that uses the belief that like cures like, meaning substances that produce symptoms of sickness in
healthy people will have a curative effect when given homeopathically to sick people with the same symptoms.
Basically, homeopathy is taking a substance or disease, diluting it, and "potentizing" it to a certain potency to be introduced in
the body to initiate the body's own healing process. For example, if you have a rash or reaction to poison ivy, we can actually
prepare poison ivy homeopathically as a treatment option. Because the poison ivy is diluted the body will not have the same
reaction it would have to the actual plant. The potency will begin the healing process. Vaccinations were modeled after this
same belief. However, we can administer repeated homeopathic treatment as opposed to vaccinations that can only be given
every few years and have potentially harmful side effects and often have chemicals such as mercury added to them for

Homeopathy can be used to treat pain, allergies, auto immune disorders, boost the immune system, balance hormones,
desensitize certain allergies and sensitivities, as well as treat a number of other symptoms and conditions. Many people that
have studied and use homeopathy, also use it to counteract the effects of miasms. Miasms are thought to be hidden in genetic
cells and passed down for several generations. Many believe that these are the underlying cause of many chronic illnesses and
diseases. Homeopathic solutions can be used by themselves to treat conditions or they can be used in combination with a
supplement regimen to get the best balance for a specific condition.

By using our stress assessment bio-communication technology, we can test which remedy and exact potency would benefit you
the most. Call and schedule your appointment today for a nutrition scan and see what homeopathy can do for you.

The Importance of a Strong Core
We've all heard the term "Core Muscles" on workout DVD's and exercise programs marketed on TV. If you are like most people,
these words can go in one ear and out the other. While it is easy to ignore this type of advice, the core muscles are not
something that should be neglected. These muscles in the center of your body refer to the oblique abdominals and the tiny
muscles of the back.

Without a strong core, the body's proprioception will become impaired. Before you are frightened by this big word and start
tuning out, let me explain.

Proprioception can simply be defined as the brain's knowledge of the relative positions of the body's parts. For example, when
you close your eyes, your brain knows where your hands are even though you cannot see them. Proprioception does not refer
to the five senses we know as sight, touch, smell, taste, sound, or the 6th sense some people believe to be paranormal. This
7th sense is the balance of mind and body. The body's knowledge of its own position is required for many every day things
such as continuing to hold on to something without actually thinking "Hold on".

Impairment of proprioception leads to loss of stability of the spine leaving you more prone to injuries and misalignments. In
order to keep this 7th sense strong, it is imperative to work the core muscles by forcing the body to maintain balance.