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Smart Silver: A Safe, Effective Alternative to Antibiotics
Throughout history, different forms of silver have been used for a variety of medical conditions ranging from reducing eye
discharge in newborns to treating infections in burn wounds. Colloidal silver was the main antibiotic treatment in the US before
1938. However, most commercially available silver wasn’t effective in harmful and resistant bacteria. After many years of
research in the understanding of bacteria and other disease causing agents, Smart Silver was developed. This revolutionary
new silver supplement uses the newest technology to work more effectively than colloidal silver without the side effects.
Colloidal silver products have been known to change the skin to a blue color. There is no risk of this happening with Smart
Silver. With more and more limitations on antibiotics and older diseases like tuberculosis making a comeback, scientists are
hopeful that this product will be the answer to many medical struggles.

Smart Silver is patented to be used for abscesses, flu like aches and pains, boils, anthrax, MRSA, dermatitis, bacterial infections,
pneumonia, tonsillitis, wounds, diabetic wounds, toe nail fungus, etc. It is available in a gel, liquid or spray that can also be
used as a safe household cleaner.

While this is s great product to keep around, it is important not to go overboard. Building a healthy immune system and
maintaining optimal health with good balanced nutrition and exercise is always the best way to stay healthy.

How to do the Flu
With school starting again and the seasons changing, flu season is rapidly approaching. There are several things you and your
family can do to prepare. It is very important to always wash your hands to decrease the spread of germs. Anti-bacterial soaps
can actually increase the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria therefore they are not only unnecessary, but will lower
your resistance. Natural soaps are preferred. A common misconception is that the flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu.
Not only do they contain harmful, toxic chemicals such as mercury and aluminum that can cause memory loss and increase the
risk of Alzheimer's in the flu vaccine, it is marginally effective and may not be worth the risk. Vaccines can actually weaken the
immune system making you more susceptible to diseases. Many people come down with flu symptoms shortly after receiving
the shot. Many other side effects are possible. Fever is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor. Research has
shown that fever can help the body fight infections. It is a symptom of an illness or infection not the disease itself. Don't let the
flu stop you in your tracks.

What You Need to Know About Swine Flu
With Swine flu being declared a worldwide health emergency, many people are becoming more and more concerned. Swine flu
is a respiratory disease that usually infects pigs, but is rarely fatal to the animal. Because influenza or flu is a mutating virus
that has the ability to change genetic components and species that is carrying it, there have been some recent cases of
humans contacting or spreading the virus. The symptoms in humans are basically the same as the average seasonal flu. Fever,
coughing, muscle aches, severe headache, etc. are the symptoms to watch out for. The virus cannot be transmitted by eating
the fully cooked meat of an infected animal. The only reported fatal cases have been in Mexico, but it is spreading to other
parts of the world and will probably be in the southern hemisphere for their flu season and back around here for our next
Treatment would be the same as any other flu and needs to be taken care of as soon as symptoms occur. One of the most
important preventative measures to take is to boost the immune system. Supplements such as Congaplex, Thymex, Immuplex,
and Cataplex ACP can all help fight off the virus. Taking three Immuplex a day is a good general preventative measure. We are
offering a free scan for our patients to see which one would benefit you the most. Also, for the month of May we are doing a
free quick check for cold and flu like symptoms so you can get a head start on any symptoms that you might have.

While this outbreak needs to be taken seriously, it is not necessary to panic. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, try to
maintain a normal exercise routine, avoid junk food, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, try to keep mucus down with Antronex or
Albizia, and keep your immune system strong. Viruses can't thrive with a healthy immune system.

What Can Thymus Gland Extract Do For You?
Our bodies are some of the most intricate and complicated living beings on the planet. There are several systems of the body
that work together to maintain optimum function, use our innate ability to heal ourselves, and keep us as healthy as possible.
Our immune system is one of the most important yet complex systems we have. There are several components of the immune
system. One of the most vital organs in the immune system is the thymus gland. This organ is located in the chest between the
breast bone and the heart. The thymus helps develop T-Lymphocytes which are white blood cells that help destroy invading
bacteria, viruses, any abnormal cell growths that could potentially be cancerous. Most of the work done by the thymus takes
place when we are kids. Until our immune system is set up properly at puberty, the thymus is about the size of an orange.
After puberty, it shrinks down to about the size of a pea and is thought to shut down. It works to keep the right balance in
immunity and will increase when fighting an infection and decrease to prevent autoimmune disease. Although the thymus
shrinks and does become somewhat inactive with age, thymus stimulation had been shown to help with a number of common
conditions. Taking a thymus gland extract can give the boost needed to help the immune system that may have been
previously compromised. MD Anderson, a world renown cancer center in Houston, recently did a study on thymus extract and
found that it can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients, reduce the symptoms of asthma and
allergies, increase left ventricle function and exercise tolerance in cardiomyopathy patients, and reduce the symptoms of lupus,
urinary tract infections, and warts. Because thymus extract can increase immune function, it will increase the effect of certain
medications that may require reassessment of dosage or need. As always talk to your doctor before starting any new
supplement or medication. Standard Process has several things that can help boost the immune system as well as a thymus
gland extract. Dr. Bruce West suggests taking 20 of the Standard Process Thymex for 45 days then evaluating the response.
Then take 6 Cataplex ACP and six Immuplex for 12-18 months until the original condition is resolved. This month we are
offering a FREE quick check to see which immune product would be the most beneficial for you. Call and schedule your
appointment today and do something about those nagging conditions you have learned to live with.

Facts and Helpful Information on the Flu
With cases of swine flu continuing to pop up and the start of what we know as the cold and flu season, prevention and
education on the flu are important to keep you and your family healthy. Advertisements and promotions for the flu shot are
everywhere. But, how safe and effective is the flu shot?
Recent studies have shown that there is no evidence that the flu shot is effective in babies, children with asthma, adults, and
the elderly. The ingredient list for the normal flu shot is egg proteins that include avian contaminate viruses, gelatin which has
been known to cause allergic reactions in many, Polysorbate 80 which also causes many allergic reactions, Formaldehyde which
may cause cancer, Triton X 100 that is a detergent, table sugar, resin that causes allergic reactions in some, Gentamycin that is
an antibiotic, and Thimerosal which is a mercury still found in multi-dose vials. With an ingredient list like that and studies that
say the shot is not even effective, you may need to rethink getting a flu shot.

There are things we do need to be doing to prevent getting the flu. Along with washing your hands on a regular basis,
coughing and sneezing into your elbow, and staying home when you are sick, studies are now showing that vitamin D can help
prevent the flu as well as many other illnesses. We produce most of our vitamin D with exposure to the sun and our diet, but
with the use of sunscreen year round and lack of good nutrition, we are becoming more and more vitamin D deficient. 58 million
kids and more than likely just as many adults are deficient in this essential vitamin. Studies show that those that are vitamin D
deficient are 10 times more likely to come down with the flu than those with normal levels (which is 50-80 ng/ml on a
hydroxyvitamin D blood test). The average adult needs about 2-5000 IU of vitamin D per day depending on their level of sun
exposure and kids need about 1000 IU per 25 pounds of weight.

We carry several different supplements for vitamin D and for the month of October, we are offering a free quick check for flu
prevention that includes the best form of vitamin D supplement for you. Make an appointment for you and the entire family